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Re: research guidelines?

Thank you for those points, waybread. Those are some things that everyone should keep in mind when viewing the world. You also gave treatment to qualitative work more fair than I did in my last post. We must leave open all avenues of research because any assignment of meaning must be qualitative. In an R&D forum, our measure of what works and what doesn't must be quantitative. That quantitative information doesn't mean anything, however, without qualitative information. Studies such as the proper assignment of attributes to each sign and planet are qualitative by definition. Therefore, any complete system of astrology must be both quantitatively and qualitatively sound. A lack on either part renders the system erroneous and incomplete.

In speaking of assigning attributes to signs, I also find that too many interpretation manuals are strictly specific when they shouldn't be. Qualities like "jealous," "emotional," "considerate," and so forth naturally belong to all signs or to none. Each influence must be treated as latent possibility until it is made manifest through the individual. We must not confuse the two! Twins, born with almost identical charts, can grow to become radically different people. This necessarily tells us that there are many factors in human development which are not included in what is astrologically measurable. Astrology describes latent influences, but cannot speak as to the manifestation.

My mother is an excellent example of this. She is loving, slow to anger, kind, forgiving, selfless, and long-suffering. No one would guess that her Sun sign is Aries. What this tells me is that each sign has many possible manifestations. Aries represents anger and jealousy, but it also represents the means by which those same tendencies can be controlled. The latent forces are not the same as the concrete manifestation. It would be most sensible, therefore, to speak of astrological tendencies as being latent influences, the manifestation of which is chosen by the individual. There is no other way to explain the variation we can readily observe in the world as built.

To simplify, behaviours cannot be reliably attributed to astrology. Behaviour is a function of the individual. The value of astrology is the description of latent influences from which the person may choose. In this light, astrology itself seems to infer the existence and power of free will. It's amazing how only two examples can clear up such murky waters.

P.S. Huzzah for deconstruction!
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