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Re: Career query

Originally Posted by Niranjan79 View Post
Dear Sir,

Next year Aug 2020 there will be a drastic improvement, even otherwise feb 2020 things may ease down.

Venus dasha commenced.....take care of your wife with respect.......always within the boundary of your family wife....there must be no room for other relationships..........
Your health has to be properly taken care of ven-ven sub period especially until 22-08-22.

After birth of a child...your chart will start showing +ve effects.

Thank you so much for your reply
Except that I'm a female, and I have no idea how you mentioned the birth of a child especially because Im currently pregnant and expecting a child by feb 2020. Im really happy and excited seeing this in your response. It gives me immense hope which I lost in the past.

Yes I've been suffering from skin ailments for a while in the form of boils. Is there any astrological remedy for this? Also my venus is debilitated in my natal chart, will it have a greater effect?
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