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Re: Saturn in 1st house = does he always destroy the question?

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
I assume a Pisces 8th. My understanding is that the question centers on some insurance benefits...8th. So Jupiter is quesited, Saturn querent. They are currently not in aspect. There is your answer to a simple yes/no question regarding those benefits.

Go visit a lawyer. Most of them give you a half-hour free. Oh, you're German; maybe not. Talk to a lawyer.

Well, maybe I should assume a Leo 8th. Sun is quesited. Sun & Saturn currently not in aspect. Same answer.
Thank you

What makes you think I`m German?

I`m Polish, in Germany the law works perfectly compared to Poland.

I know it, because I`ve been to Germany many times and also studied German language.

However, I`m lucky to have an option of consulting a lawyer for free, because of my financial and social situation
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