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Originally Posted by !4C View Post
No, but I tend to compare the natural world to man-made systems for conceptualization.

Some people give mercury all the credit for intelligence. I see it representing a central data/communication interface with some basic processing that can be most efficiently achieve on that level, such as translation. Since it will always be involved, it must be considered along with other pertinent planets when evaluating an ability. It seems like that was direction of the discussion above, hence my interest.

I think of the planets as representing subsystems. In greybeard's bear example, mercury passes environmental data to the moon. The moon compares the data to previous situations to determine a probable outcome. The moon system passes the result to the sun (consciousness). That's a simplified example of how I think of it.

To assess someone's ability for behavioral reasoning, you would, at the least, look at the condition of their moon, mercury, and moon-mercury relationship to see how the chart adds or detracts from the average ability.
Everything is a blend. All aspects, houses, signs and if you are a modern astrologer mindset , astral entities will play into, well everything. Hence trying to predict, in astrology becomes extremely difficult, because every chart is so very individual. Have you seen the lists of astral entities at They, in my modern opinion all affect us depending on what you look at.

Mercury and the third are the basics. Every else, adds flavour.

I like what you have written, I am off to work now. No time to further comment.

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