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Mars-Pluto conjunction and Venus-Pluto Parallel Can they be helped?

My friend recently met a guy who took her to places in his car that she indicated that she didn't want to go, and touched her when she didn't want him to on the second date! When she was about to leave, he lured her back in, invited her to a party where he did things to her again without her consent, and it led her to go to the clinic.

I keep on telling her to leave this man, but I think she lied to me today to go meet this man and I don't think they're going to part ways. I checked their synastry and they had venus parallel pluto and mars conjunct pluto conjunct north node.
He also had his venus on her ascendent (his asc and her asc is the same).

Other than that, his social media proves him to be a very sleazy man.

I don't know how to help her. They don't have pluto much in their individual charts though except he has mars conjunct pluto.

And she is highly neptunian, with libra, cancer and aries

Any advice, or has any of you been in similar situations?
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