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Why does my X aquarius BF feel like he needed to explain what he was accused of after

Here's the deal. We got together after my daddy died in Aug 2014 (Phone Only) was amazing and he ended it Dec 2nd of 2014 took me being a LEO a long time to forget THEN out of the blue he shows up again Sept of 2016 wanting to get back together this time it was in person at my house only, his excuse for not letting me go to his house was his dogs barked and would bother the neighbors, also while he was here he kept an eye on the clock. Made a comment that his daddy said what u gonna do about his X leaving he said i'm going back to ME. From the start felt like I was being used wanting to take my vette and blazer to his dad's house to rebuild them, mentioning he needed tires in order to come over and conveniently parked his dad's car beside mine where i'd side swipe it and have to pay. Now what broke the camel's back with me so to speak was this, called on Oct 31st didn't feel like coming over sugar was to high, but yet went to a halloween party after commenting on my son's X GF picture she was BEAUTIFUL though he never said that to me not even once. They was at the party together. I went NUTTS when I found out and broke it off with a letter that would rock GOD of his throne. 2 days later my daughter seen him back with his X. But that's not all, found out In Dec I was pregnant and it was a tubal had to have surgery so I done the right thing and told the guy, while discussing the baby I get a full explaination of the party which ended with “When I told u I love you since high school I wasn't Lying”. He was very affectionate while we was dating and the I love U's poured out of him a lot, spoiled me rotten i'm just so confused and heart broke over this whole thing PLEASE HELP.
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