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Re: Will we settle abroad

Originally Posted by chughash View Post
Me and my wife have currently moved to the US as my company has posted me on a project here. We both have visas valid till Nov 2015. My company has stated they will apply for my green card. Can you advise if we will get the green card(process is lengthy and takes 10 years) or will we be here for short term. If short term, what would be the duration

Our details are as follows:

Name: me
Date of Birth: 17 Feb 1983
Time of Birth: 09:17 AM
Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Name: wife
Date of Birth: 19 June 1987
Time of Birth: 05:05 AM
Place of Birth: Junagadh, Gujarat

We have come here on 17th Feb 2013. I have travelled(before marriage) to US,UK and Europe before but all on short term visits.
19 hours ago
You have attached charts from

need to attach Vedic Wheel charts from following link

Urgent cases are handled now, so may take one more week.
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