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Re: My Solar Return - an active year, a happy year of transforming?

You have done your chart with Placidus and I use Equal house, just look at the huge size of 7 &8the houses. Planets will move using Equal but cos the degrees are not there on house cusps can't tell you which unfortuantely..

Saggi on Asc then---This is likely to be a restless, exciting year when you feel the urge to travel and explore. This is a time for breaking free and for doing things that you have never dared to do before. You will want to travel both physically and in your mind.. You feel stimulated by challenges and will seek out new ones once you have reached one goal. You look outward towards the future and grow stronger through being daring and casting aside some of the shackles that have been binding you. You will want a great deal of freedom and space this year!

Notice how Saturn is practally alone in SR above horizon and the rest below, which suggests lots of subjectivity, plus pluto in 1st is quincunxed Sun in 7th. so there will be times when Ego, pride, values(Sun) will be at odds with wanting control (Pluto).

So, 3,4&7th houses are emphasised, suggesting communications, neighbours, home family matters and one to one relationships

T Saturn conj natal moon suggested emotional withdrawal, having to make do with less money, being shy romantically perhaps. Or putting it tactfully a time of introspection, self examination. You may have more problems with women and worst case scenario one relationship might end

I have slightly more planets above the horizon suggesting I will be more "out there" this year. I have tried to be a recluse this year actually trying to overcome past hurts, and just when I tried to ignore everybody I start getting booked up with things to do days in advance! When it used to be the opposite.

Well there's 3above and 7 below

As 1-4 are the most occupied houses this year I will be working on personal needs (my prediction is that I will be working on myself as a person, and also working on relocating). Lots of planets in cadent houses so lots of things happening at once.

There's 4in first quardrant and 3 in second

Noticeably T Pluto is conj natal saturn which is a biggie in your 2nd house natally of values, how you earn your money etc.

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