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Re: My Solar Return - an active year, a happy year of transforming?

I've also noticed that my ascendant has moved from Scorpio into Saggitarius and I can definately see that attitude this year, far more happy-go-lucky. I agree, being in my first house, things are more in my control, or more like I am taking control myself. Obviously me myself and I, or more who I am as a person, will be the focus this year - at least I've noticed that letting go and starting a new cycle has being important for me so far.

Jupiter is the ruler of Saggitarius and my Jupiter is in the third house, so I will probably be more straightforward in the day to day activities of my life. I hope so because I'm havign serious difficulties with a neighbour, I thought Jupiter was supposed to be helpful and this feels more like Saturn!

I have slightly more planets above the horizon suggesting I will be more "out there" this year. I have tried to be a recluse this year actually trying to overcome past hurts, and just when I tried to ignore everybody I start getting booked up with things to do days in advance! When it used to be the opposite.

No indication of marriage or pregnancy this year, not that that was my goal this year anyway. Doesn't seem like much of a career change either - oh well, the one I'm heading along so far isn't really that bad.

I think what the chart does show is that I will be talking a lot about moving and the move will happen eventually. I believe the "talking" part of it is actually the huge amount of paper work I have to get through and the numerous delays I have to get through to get everything under way.

As 1-4 are the most occupied houses this year I will be working on personal needs (my prediction is that I will be working on myself as a person, and also working on relocating). Lots of planets in cadent houses so lots of things happening at once.

Hopefully this interpretation of it is better and correct. If not, oh well
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