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Re: My Solar Return - an active year, a happy year of transforming?

Well it does appear you will have an interesting year.
Your natal first house is rising (though almost your 2nd) and that is usually an indication that things are more in your control.
You have a new moon in the 7th solar house indicating new beginnings in partnership arena. In addition we see venus and mars together in the fifth suggesting a romance developing. The moon last contact is to mars in sextile maybe some minor disruptions.
Pluto in the first house suggests a transformation of self and since it has been conjuncting your natal saturn and Uranus, I suspect you have had some rather significant changes of late.
Couple of other notes: solar saturn conjunct your sensitive natal moon in the 9th solar suggests legal responsibilities or a serious tone to your thoughts and feelings. Since this is the most prominent planets suggests it will be out in view and important in your life this year. It squares the new moon thus indicating it may prove a frustration.
I usually include the Vertex as it helps identify fated events but I am not as familiar with Ceres, Juno and Lilith.
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