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Re: Need your help with current transits

So when I had this nothing changed outwardly (Moon-Sun by progression) although my attitudes did quite drastically but it took some months to see it - so you may just be wondering what's going on for now but it will all become clear in 2-3 months with that one. Generally, if it is not receiving hard aspects from outer planets it will be all right and thankfully Chiron is a few degrees off so it won't hit these while they are in conjunction.

Likewise, I had Chiron conjunct prog. Moon at the same time it was squaring my natal moon over the summer and among other things a friend's cat was shot and needed some serious surgery (and amputation) - it creates painful circumstances that are difficult to process for a while or that you end up remembering for a long time, unfortunately.

Chiron-prog. Sun falls in your progressed 7th and natal 8th so it could be a few different things - a partner (business or otherwise) could do something you find hurtful or there could be issues surrounding "other people's money" such as loans or such or a deeply transformative but very difficult experience as you noted yourself. Generally you would be pushed to somehow let go of past attitudes during this and most don't do it willingly but it is a challenging progression.

Pluto-Venus can just as easily signal the start of a life-changing or really intense relationship if you are not involved in one and whether or not you are really approachable - the trouble with this one is it may be describing powerful people or someone who has an overpowering effect on you or perhaps extreme feelings involved. One way or the other it won't be a "lite" fling if something does happen. I am having some trouble with this one as Saturn also conjuncts Venus concurrently with Pluto although the latter makes several passes later on. To your original question, no, it is less likely you'll be single with the Pluto-Venus especially.

Neptune-Chiron, yep, it has been dragging for a while somehow or shall I say brewing though you may or may not be aware - sometimes whatever is happening comes out on the third pass of a transit and Neptune is making its final go through Pisces 16 at the end of this year. It might just be that the work place itself has introduced difficulties that have made it feel not very welcoming or somehow discouraging - if so, things get quite a bit better after January once Neptune moves out of orb and leaves Chiron alone. Envy is possible indeed but so is some sort of deception (Neptune being involved) so just watch your back and make sure you know your friends and not-friends there and you will be fine
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