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Thank you for looking at it.

About the prog. Moon applying to conjunct prog. Sun.
I have that gut-feeling that something will change but can't figure it out. There is nothing new or significant happening around me that can give me a hint right now. Is there any issues in my 8th house, that can turn the transformations into bad ones.

About Chiron-moon aspect earlier this year, I had really stressful few weeks. Some friend offered us a business opportunity. In the same time my parents went far away from home and also our dog nearly died and had to be rushed in for surgery. It was emotionally hard as well as financially difficult.

Also i will start to worry now about the Chiron-sun challenge coming next year. In what area of my life is more likely to present itself?

About Venus - Pluto aspect.
I am not involved with anyone. If there will be some major relationships changes are they going to be long-term affecting? And if nothing happen during this aspect (I consider that option because I am Virgo Asc and I have few planets in Cappricorn and I am not easy to be approached or to show emotions) am I going to be single for long after?

For Neptune square Chiron aspect:
Am I already under its influence?
At work I have to deal with a lot of people (catering business), so I do expect that some of them will show envy, which will be completely unnecessary but I cannot control what people will think or do.

Again, thank you for the insights.
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