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Re: The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

I did these tests two years ago, they said that I'm INTP. But personally, I think I'm INXP. (not sure about thinking/feeling function. )

(I)ntrovert. - Scorpio Sun, Mars and Pluto, Pisces Rising, Saturn in the 11th house, Capricorn is on the 11th house cusp. Although I have mercury in Sagittarius conjunct MC, Moon in Aries in the first house, I still consider myself an introvert anyway.

i(N)tuition - Mercury in Sagittarius (H9) square Jupiter in Virgo (H6) (tend to see the big picture, abstract thinker. ), stellium in Scorpio (Sun in the 9th house, Mars is on the 9th cusp and Pluto in the 8th house.) and Scorpio in on the 9th cusp, Aquarius is on the 12th cusp, Pisces Rising with Neptune near the 11th house cusp (unaware of the reality, head-in-the-cloud person.)

I will pass this function because I'm not sure about it.

(P)ercieving. In my case, it is (P)rocrastination. - Venus in Libra. (flexible for the sake of harmony in any relationship.) My Pisces rising again. I can't follow the plan even I do it myself, I'm stimulated by an approaching deadline.

Personally, I find that enneagram theory suits me better than MBTI for various reasons. Due to my enneagram type, I'm type 5 with 4 wing and my tritype is 5-4-9.
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