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Re: The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

I usually score either INFP or INFJ.Depends really.
I think I can find traits of my personality in both of these descriptions.

Maybe I lean towards more the description of INFJ than the other,although INFP seems occur as a result in those kinds of tests.I really dunno if these describe me in others' eyes,or it's just the idea I have for myself.I would only call myself as a real type(one of the two) if I could live my life helping those in need.If not then I don't think these suit me.
As for associating those types to the chart I'd say...The introversion comes mostly from The Scorpionic moon.While the INFJ type is related to Neptune in the 1st house and the INFP type to the Moon in the Mid-Heaven.
INFJ does speak of sacrifices and it is true at some extend,I am very likely to sacrifice some things if it's for the sake of a worthwile person.And people,mostly parents and family to describe me as having my head a bit above the clouds.I have noticed that I am sort of romantic and enjoy movies or stories involving fantasy and romance.I don't think I'm that much of a daydreamer,I can take action when needed to but there are a few beliefs I prefer to stand by even if it's not easy.
INFP mentions counseling and helping people.It's not rare to catch me giving advices to people,usually friends and wouldn't mind taking the role of a guide if I was a good and responsible one.This also related to the North Node in Sagittarius,which seeks to acquire knowledge and wisdom to share with others.
Those two can also be related to Capricorn on some extend,as Capricorn usually tries to do the right thing which is tradiationally to help others.Not always in a personal way though.

Personally I'd associate those types with Pisces and Aquarius.Mostly the Moon than the Sun or any other placement,and perhaps the 11th house( I may be wrong) since the 11th associates with people at general.

I'm not sure if I'll live up to those descriptions but they make me assume that the person who is like that is very selfless and concerned about the world at large and devoting their lives at that cause.And for that I have to say that only a few people are special as that and are prime example of those types.
I don't think I'm particularly that selfless and impressive,but for those who are I think they need encouragement to keep going cause they're doing something very good for the world.
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