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Re: The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

You can become more shy (appearing introverted) or less shy (appearing extraverted, by the way the a is in the Latin root and Jung's spelling, there is no Latin word "extro"). You can also be timid in social settings due to being sensitive and if you manage that you can appear more extraverted. We also do have to learn to socialize and certain factors can disrupt this, such as hard parental (especially maternal) relationships. Introverts can also be coerced (or nicely persuaded, but coerced sounds cooler and is probably more what the introvert is feeling) into being more social. Introverts are also on average just as good as extraverts at things like public speaking, performing, etc.

Somewhat off-topic:

"The extravert is the person 'who goes by the influence of the external world--say society or sense perceptions' (303). Jung also claims that 'the world in general, particularly America, is extraverted as hell, the introvert has no place, because he doesn’t know that he beholds the world from within' (303). The introvert 'goes by the subjective factor....he bases himself on the world from always afraid of the external world....He always has a resentment' (303)."

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