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Re: Ascendant sign and ruler of the ascendant

I am more focused on proximity to Mc than location in the Tenth House. Likewise, I am more focused on proximity to As than to location in the First House.

The midpoints (not all characteristics will apply; we judge which apply by the confirmation from rest of the chart)

Sun-Ascendant/Mc : arrogant; selfish; authoritarian; energetic; individualistic; may want fame; conjunction emphasizes sign occupied. (Seymour-Smith)

Moon-Ascendant/Mc : temperamental; adaptable/infuriated - often a wobble between these; restless; apparently inconsistent; moody; subjective; poetic. (Seymour-Smith)

Mercury-Ascendant/Mc : agile-minded; slick; self-critical; cunning or shrewd; nervous underneath; can be wily conman; can be snowed under with verbal or written agreements or just meaningless paper.

Venus-Ascendant/Mc : desires harmony and is unhappy when he/she cannot get it; hates a bad atmosphere; successful strategies based on ideas of possession; affectionate; needs security; arranges for others to do the work, if possible; tendency to inertia. (Seymour-Smith)


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