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Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
I can only offer my opinion, but I have often thought about this.

I believe the ruler of the sign on the Ascendant is a powerful planet chart-wise, and a planet conjunct Ascendant has ruler potential, but what is usually neglected are the many connections. Connections are more effective usually than the signs involved. You haven't sussed-out the Ascendant until you analyze all the aspects, midpoints and configurations that contain the Ascendant as a component.

Martin Seymour-Smith says that the distinction between the Ascendant and the Midheaven is not so strictly distinct as we have been led to believe. A stellium on the Mc will affect a person's appearance or presence as if it were on the Ascendant.,

An old friend of mine has a large Scorpio stellium on the Mc and nothing on the Ascendant. The stellium on her Mc has the same components as the Scorpio stellium on Marie Curie's (discoverer of radium) Midheaven, and the two women look like identical twins. Their births are a hundred years apart, and they never met.

I have seen it over and over again, that a strong force assembled on the Mc will affect appearance as if it were on the Ascendant.
Interesting. So planets in the 10th house are similar to planets in the 1st when it comes down to physical appearance?

I havenít given the whole midpoint thing you mentioned that much thought. What would the midpoint between the ascendant and each of the planets represent?
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