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Smile 2 stelliums? What's my destiny?

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well.

I have a few questions regarding my chart. It looks like I have a Sagittarius stellium in the 4th house and Aquarius stellium in the 5th house.

Here are my questions (please don't feel obligated to answer all of them or any of them-you can tell me anything you find interesting).

1. I have felt a strong desire, recently, to go into the entertainment industry (as a DJ, youtube or content created- I don't like the term 'influencer' because they are kind of pointless. I have been interested in this for a while (I love fantasizing about the idea of being 'discovered' randomly on the street or in the mall and then proceeding with a successful career). The reason I am interested in fame is for fun. I think I would contribute to a lot of people feeling good (maybe through music or humor). Please tell me if you see this happening as a possibility (being discovered and/or becoming famous).

2. Regarding LOVE: I have never been in a relationship before. Anything I should know about myself. I have a few Scorpio guy friends (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars) and I absolutely love their intensity and passion.

3. Anything you can tell me about my destiny? Is there anything unavoidable that is certain to happen in my life?

4. Manifesting? I have unknowingly manifested some big things in my life? Any insight?

5. ANYTHING? Feel free to mention anything else you see? Anything about my physical appearance (I think I'm a late bloomer), luck in life (I always feel very lucky)...

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