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Re: Sexual Assault Aspects?

I am very sorry to hear this, I hope you reported the person who touched's never too late to make a police report & get in touch with a rape centre.

Sexual assults often involve Pluto (dominate)....but there are plenty of other factors too. With that Mars/Neptune H1, extreme sensitivity but ability to be deceived (even physically). Use the beautiful energy for art, music, inspiration & don't allow anyone to trick you. Trust your instincts.

The chart is difficult to read without a grid table showing me the aspects but Saturn conjunct Lilith could be an indicator of abuse.

Take care, love yourself & don't stay silent when anyone touches you or assaults you in any way. They often seek out their Pluto 'prey' to the vulnerable or who are powerless at that moment.

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Just to start off, I have been touched my a family member when I was a child. I am wondering if there are any aspects that suggest if sexual assault/rape could happen in my future. All responses are appreciated. Thank you.
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