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Re: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020

Originally Posted by SunSaturn78 View Post
So this looks like the next big thing coming up at the end of this year. What are your thoughts? Will this be a positive new beginning for humanity or will it be the emergence of the new world order? Also I work in the trade show/live events industry and I have been out of work since March and I'm not sure when or if I will be able to go back. Since Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house of social groups and networking, I feel that it applies to my industry. Saturn in Aquarius would bring restrictions to large gatherings, but would the conjunction of Jupiter be a new beginning for them?

It is truly hard times for so many people. My daughter had a new job too, paying perhaps too well and she did perhaps too good at saving the health care company money with her innovative ideas that comes from Venus in Aquarius in her chart (Scorpio rising, and Capricorn Sun)

I say, "perhaps she did too well" in that she told us that she told her boss how she saved the company so much money....and it came back to bite her in the rear. They ended up letting her go, and taking someone under her she was teaching and gave him the job saving effectively half of what they were paying her!

She's smart but very naive sometimes I think.

Her dob is the same as Congresswoman Katie Porter they are astro twins effectively.

Katie Porter is a real whiz too, and spins circles around her witnesses in congress, often having them for a loss of words by the time she's done with them.
I love what she did to Jamie (CEO of Chase Bank) who makes 31 Million a year but never came up against anyone with her smarts before. In Congressional hearings she made her debut challenging him and he was at a loss for answers not knowing the answers to her questions. She told him the answers because she "just happened" to have the encyclopedia size book with her, that she herself wrote being used in the colleges today on economics. His face turned various shades of pale as the blood drained.

When I saw her natal chart was the same as my daughter's I could understand how Venus in Aquarius operates with both of them.
Unconventional relationships... But to each their own.

Katie Porter is a divorced mom of 2 little ones from California, who worked very well with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Sanders because she understands economics so well. Yet I'm sure she's very naive in some way too. Perhaps "men" is the downfall, who knows!

As a matter of fact, hearing about your losing your position made me think of all of this, because they were born in 1974, so to me, still rather young enough to regroup.

Yet for my daughter although she found something else rather quickly, I have to wonder and worry all over again about the naivete when it comes to this new "start-up company" not giving their employees health insurance, but instead, extra money so they can purchase it themselves.
Good luck with that one in the U.S.A. So I try & butt out of her life, as I am too opinionated anyway being a worrying mother for life.

She she is Capricorn Sun as I said, and Aquarius Venus her detriment planets are Mars in Taurus & Saturn in Cancer. The German School of Astrology says that when planets are retrograde at birth, you are re-living once again these certain vibrations of those planets in order to try again to get them right.
For her, its the Sun's ruler Saturn rx, and Venus in Aquarius rx with her Jupiter also conjunct Venus in AQ -

Saturn restricts, but Jupiter expands. It will be quite a time for those who have challenging natal charts I suspect.
Some kindle eBooks on the subject of astrology, fixed stars and critical degrees. PM me for details...

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