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Re: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020

Some notes I kept:
The Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn:

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is December 21, 2020- the first since the year 2000, and the closest Jupiter-0-Saturn since 1623! At their closest, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degrees apart- and won’t be matched this closely again until the Jupiter-0-Saturn of March 15, 2080. ~@StellarInsights
the closest via declination that they have been since 1623, less than 10 Min apart via declination, so they will appear very very close together in the sky. And James I of England was beginning its war against the Parliament that eventually led to the English Civil War.

"Jupiter conjunct Saturn is also known as the Great Conjunction that happens on average every 19 years. Throughout history, it has been closely observed by astrologers and been linked to the rise and fall of royalty, leaders and great people. Some believe that the biblical “Star of Bethlehem” was the great conjunction of 7 B.C.

"According to astrologer Daniel T. Ferrera, when a great conjunction occurs during an election or inauguration year, the president is likely to die in office. [2] The table at the end of this article shows this has been the case since 1940, except for the last two great conjunctions. However, there were assassination attempts against both those presidents."

In the book, Mundane Astrology, Charles Harvey writes: These two planets used to be known as the “Great Chronocrators,” or rulers of the ages. Their cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities, possibilities (Jupiter) and their manifestation in the concrete material world (Saturn).
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