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Re: Does Neptune be in the 8th house to show that the partner will easily abuse them?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Do you mean poor as in the opposite of rich? Or poor as in they're not a good spouse?

Assuming you mean financially, I don't think your eighth house has anything to do with whether your spouse is rich or poor or anything in between. How strong your eighth house is, compared to your second house, might indicate whether you prosper more through your own individual efforts (second house) or through shared, inherited, or other people's resources (eighth).

If the eighth house is stronger, maybe your spouse is your main source of financial support. Maybe you benefit greatly from inherited wealth. Or maybe you earn your own living, but the way you earn it is strongly dependent on other people's money. That could be a job that's funded by grants, or a government job funded by tax money, or a sales job that pays commission only, or a fundraising job in which you have to secure the funding for your own salary. If you spend much of your life studying, and you pay your living expenses through student allowances (if you live in a country that has them), that would also be eighth house.

If your second house is stronger, you're more likely to need to make your own income than be able to depend on other people's. In that kind of case, maybe you make more money than your spouse. Maybe you're the one who supports them. Or, if you and your spouse work together, maybe you're the one who handles the financial side. You probably wouldn't profit much from inheritance, or if you did inherit money, your earnings would still be greater than anything you inherit.

In your case, your second house is ruled by an angular moon. That looks very good for your finances and your ability to make your own living. But, since the moon is on the DC, that might speak to getting some help from a spouse/partner. Maybe they support you financially at a certain time in your life. Maybe you share a business with them. Or, the DC could indicate having one or more business partners, or making a living in a field where you would work one-on-one with clients. You've mentioned wanting to be a lawyer. That could be that kind of field.

Neptune doesn't rule your second house or your eighth, and it's so close to the cusp of your ninth house that it arguably has more say over ninth house matters than eighth house ones. It doesn't rule any house, in fact, since you have Pisces intercepted. I don't see Neptune having any particular impact on your finances, or, if you marry, your spouse's.
Thank you,It was all helpful comment.Now I understand better.

So we should be more interested in Saturn.
Is my 2nd home stronger than my 8th?
I don't want my partner to earn less money for me, since I don't gain so well
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