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Re: Does Neptune be in the 8th house to show that the partner will easily abuse them?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Sure enough, you have highly relevant Pluto aspects. Pluto conjunct Juno, the partnership asteroid--that's rather similar to Pluto conjunct Venus. And trine Jupiter, your DC ruler, while Pluto itself is in your seventh house whole sign (though sixth Placidus). And trine your sun, too.

If you've experienced partner abuse, that says something about your relationship to Pluto - power. Chances are you draw people into your life who reflect your shadow side. Relationships are shadow work for you. If you're not conscious about it, that's a set up for being in an abusive relationship.

And maybe there's an extra strong emotional attachment to your partner(s), or even just to the idea of being in a relationship, with your moon on the DC. If that's the case, you might be inclined to rush into a relationship and/or hold onto it at all costs, so as not to have to be single. If the relationship is with someone who's abusive, that would result in you ignoring the red flags at the early stage and then not wanting to leave after the abuse surfaces.
Thank you
and I have neptune in 8th square saturn means poor spouse?
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