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Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
What is friendship in your view, LL?
Well, I can start by listing off what friendship is not:

In my view, they are not acquisitions, assets, investments, networks for your own personal gain / enhancements of an imaginative "image" or 'hierarchical structure', means to an end, extensions of your ego, forms of validation, placeholders, or remedies for your inner brokenness / void.

Of course, there is potential for these qualities to manifest, but not intentionally nor exclusively the reason for relations.

I don't particularly care for the stipulations, expectations, and obligations one suddently finds themselves with once they have a "friend". For me, it is entirely too restrictive & limited.

Also, I don't believe it coincides with the natural rhythms of life.

I actually question the sincerity of friendships, personal identity, and rates of maturation if one keeps the same circles for extended amounts of time.

For me, the word "friends" is steeped with divisive undertones.

I am capable of having deep meaningful experiences with human beings without nonsensical labels.

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