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Re: Has Astrology Lost You Friends?

I've never had a genuine friendship, and most likely never will. I do not agree with "socially accepted" definitions of what a "friend" is and most certaintly not the ambiguous terms associated with it.

Everything in life is transitory in nature, including the people in your life. As your consciousness elevates, and you gravitate towards particular paths & enter new phases in life, people will fall away. Allow them to. It's a natural process.

As for astrology and the matter of dealing with "dark matter". Well, that's entirely dependent on perception, isn't it?

What exactly is dark matter?

Institutionalized definitions? Scientific & mathematical formulations & expressions? Lower vibratory states? Particular dimensions? Subconscious? Occulted material? Material that has been stolen, hidden, manipulated, distorted, and suppressed? Is it the historical context associated with it? Maybe it's the culmination of energy harvested from such operations? Is it associated with misrepresentations & descriptions of ancient texts? Most everything in this construct we call "life"? Maybe it's associated with beings that are capable of such? The heavier matters of life? Deeper aspects?

I'm sorry, but the argument regarding "Satanism"- not the biblical derivative either, is no different than any other rigid belief system. No different than any other cult. Orders, chains of command, and all. No different than a little boy sitting at a pew at 8 am on a Sunday morning. Period.

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