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Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
I have very few harsh aspects actually. My Sun squares my AC-Neptune-Uranus conjunction in Capricorn and my Jupiter is opposite my Venus. Those are the only harsh aspects I can think of in my chart. I have a lot of conjunctions though. lol

Pisces is 2H cusp in Placidus and 3H in whole signs. My Pisces planets just make trines, sextiles and conjunctions. lol

I have a former friend with more water and more Pisces than me. She's very hard-working as well, for the record. Works like 60 hours a week and is seen as a leader in the workplace. She has Pisces AC, all angles at 29 degrees. She has 4 planets in Pisces as well and actually 5 planets in the 12H under Placidus. Moon in Cancer 4H, Jupiter and Pluto-NN in Scorpio 8H. She's very hard-working. I would never describe her as lazy.

She also has no concrete belief system, or 'faith' in the sense of higher belief or religion, for the record. She likes astrology in a very nominal sense.
Usually a lot of conjunctions create a lot of drive and motivation, is what I've read. Squares create tension that can only be released with action.thats very interesting to hear!
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