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Re: Which is the sign of faith

Originally Posted by ardentika View Post
I'm actually very happy to hear that you are so hard working with so many Piscwan and Jupiterian influence . Is it majorly squares tho? Is it in a cardinal house ? Just curious. You are right tho. Nothing is set in stone with astrology , awareness is above all.
I have very few harsh aspects actually. My Sun squares my AC-Neptune-Uranus conjunction in Capricorn and my Jupiter is opposite my Venus. Those are the only harsh aspects I can think of in my chart. I have a lot of conjunctions though. lol

Pisces is 2H cusp in Placidus and 3H in whole signs. My Pisces planets just make trines, sextiles and conjunctions. lol

I have a former friend with more water and more Pisces than me. She's very hard-working as well, for the record. Works like 60 hours a week and is seen as a leader in the workplace. She has Pisces AC, all angles at 29 degrees. She has 4 planets in Pisces as well and actually 5 planets in the 12H under Placidus. Moon in Cancer 4H, Jupiter and Pluto-NN in Scorpio 8H. She's very hard-working. I would never describe her as lazy.

She also has no concrete belief system, or 'faith' in the sense of higher belief or religion, for the record. She likes astrology in a very nominal sense.
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