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Re: Which is the sign of faith

Originally Posted by ardentika View Post
I'd say major placements. Sun, moon, asc, stelliums or Jupiter on Asc,Mc maybe even IC but not DC lol.

As for Pisces being lazy I'd say the same placements . I know someone with Jupiter I'm Pisces conjunct ascendant and it's the most deeply unmotivated person I know lol. But it's almost like... In early age they space out too much. I speak for myself too cos I'm pisces rising as well.

It's too much mental focus inside and other worldly things wether it's movies and books, or magic and spirituality or science and discovering the mysteries of the world. However I think with age they get more grounded in this reality however their "laziness" also homes from just wanting a simple life with little to no strife. Laziness is perspective after all. Not everyone can be highly ambitious and goal driven haha.
That's a very curious analysis.

I have my Moon in Pisces, along with 3 other planets in Pisces, including my chart ruler (idk if you count that in your analysis?). Jupiter is angular, partile conjunction to my MC, so by your perspective, I should be very lazy and unmotivated! haha

I've never been described that way though. I tend to work so hard I burn out. For instance, all of my college career, I've worked around 30-60 hours a week while going to school full time. I burned myself out though and had a series of unfortunate events (3 major deaths of 2 family members and 1 roommate, psychiatric hospitalization, etc.).

I'll say though, I like your thoughts on the internal focus. I really do have a rich inner world that I engage with more than the external, perhaps to my own detriment by society's standards. I have never wished for a simple life with little to no strife. I mean, no one particularly wants strife in their life, but I view it positively, as a means of growth, evolution, the sloughing off of stagnation, etc.

I have trouble learning astrology. The more I learn about it, the more I realize that one aspect, placement, etc. doesn't really mean much without a holistic, almost intuitive understanding of the greater picture of the natal chart.

For instance, I'm not completely sold on your belief that these major placements can be equated with laziness and desire for a simple life, but I suppose if they were taken in a vacuum that might be the case? I just don't know. Perhaps though, there are many other factors in my chart that contribute to my behavioral presentation and internal processes.

Edit: As to the OP, I'm not sure such a question is useful or can be answered, because of the whole issue of signs in vacuums that I brought up in another thread of his. I do wonder if the combination of my personal chart factors contributes to my overall sense that I can do anything I desire to put my effort into, so I have 'faith' by some definitions. (It's an interesting dichotomy to my low self-esteem issues) I've never hit a wall that I can't eventually jump over. The challenges I meet seem rather impermanent.

One could isolate several of my chart factors I think as the culprit for why I have this sort of 'faith', but I believe it's all the factors together, ya feel?

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