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Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post

I was just wondering when you say 'Sag is known to be a lucky sign and Jupiter a lucky planet, because it truly and deeply believes in goodness', were you meaning the sign and the planet in a vacuum has these traits? Or do you mean specific placements or people with stelliums have these traits? Same question on the Pisces being lazy. Just curious!
I'd say major placements. Sun, moon, asc, stelliums or Jupiter on Asc,Mc maybe even IC but not DC lol.

As for Pisces being lazy I'd say the same placements . I know someone with Jupiter I'm Pisces conjunct ascendant and it's the most deeply unmotivated person I know lol. But it's almost like... In early age they space out too much. I speak for myself too cos I'm pisces rising as well.

It's too much mental focus inside and other worldly things wether it's movies and books, or magic and spirituality or science and discovering the mysteries of the world. However I think with age they get more grounded in this reality however their "laziness" also homes from just wanting a simple life with little to no strife. Laziness is perspective after all. Not everyone can be highly ambitious and goal driven haha.
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