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Originally Posted by azzim View Post
I am confused about turning the chart. On one level it is simple. If the astrologer (first house) is asking about a seventh house person's child, that .would be the fifth from the seventh. BUT it seems to be Debra Houlding in her horary lessons makes it seem and maybe confusing. In s erious matter,
and youre wondering whether your elderly very ill mother will survive an operation, do you use the actual fourth house or the fourth from the mother?
I say Houlding is confusing because in a question she got from a daughter about whether her parents would be o.k. first houlding says she got a clue from moon in 8 but hen she turns chart for the mother, she doesnt use the natural 8th to dtermine whether the mom will survive an ill. thanks azzim

Turning the chart implies some kind of belonging.

For example,

"Will my brother find a job?"
You look at radical 3rd and 10th.

"How will my brother do at his new job?"
You look at 3rd and 12th (10th from the 3rd)

The exception to this rule is death and imprisonment. In this case, you look at both radical and turned 8th or 12th. The chart will usually make it clear which one is in play (sometimes both).
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