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Re: scared of myself

Even if you where born a few minute before, your Sun conjuncts ASC. So, the Sun will also play in 1st house, no matter which is the house placement. 12th have “secretive, deep and private traits”, also as Scorpio ASC, even if it's not for the same reasons. When it's the Scorpio ascendant of someone which have a chart lacking of air, fire, and all planets are in left side, it will be an individualist introverted type.

This is interesting to read your experience, to know how your chart influenced your life. I think you're good enough. Not because you're smart, you have an “attractive chart” or things like that. You're good, because you're very conscious about your job, with a 10th house Moon in Virgo. Perfectionnist, very obsessive, and able do your best to improve again and again when you need to.. It's the Virgo role and natural skill. Jupiter in this sign can also help you to do this, in details.

My story is similar as yours on some points, because our charts have a lot of the same placements : About my “not normal” parents (Aquarius in 4th house trait - marginal family). My several mental health issues that no one never helped me dealing with, everybody thought I was strong and fine, even when I wanted to kill myself everyday when I woke up (Mars in 1st house cj Scorpio ASC). My ability to overcome depression and all those things by just finding faith, thanks to astrology and spiritual values.
Now I'm also trying to start my own business, after a decade training myself for it (Mars in 1st house ruler of 6th H + 6th house Aries leadership traits + Leo MC + 10th virgo moon). But i'm affraid as ****, again and again, to never found enough clients or being lacking skills.

I'm also a loner. Not for the exact same reasons as yours. Even if at the beginning it was almost the same.
And I experienced a lot of the Virgo 10th moon nightmares . (because of my North Node return in 12th house. My NN conjunct Mercury. Mercury in 12th house rules my Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon)

I burned so much bridges, that my only option is to succeed. So, I'll do it no matter the time and work it will take. This is what my ASC see and why I'm still here. Never surrender at improving and you'll be very good at what you do. Because there is a challenge, there is a reason to fight hard.

I wish you the best

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