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Re: scared of myself

Originally Posted by seethesun View Post
the biggest problem is my career life. In order to be a successful I have to talk to them. And it would be fine if people could only stick to the business talks. But they usually dont and they are telling me their personal stuff so I instantly start panicking because I dont want to be friends or talk about my view of life.
and I really want to work. and to be career women.
it's stressing me to the point where I overthink every situation and rethink every word I said for the rest of the day.
The Air element (temperament) and houses (situations) are those that deal with the talents of communication ability.
Air is the least influenced in the chart, and Saturn (walls!) is in the 3rd house, THE house that deals with 'getting on with people'.
Scorpio is the sign for which 'privacy' is like a neon light and is heavily tenanted.
Virgo can be 'business-like' in dealing with situations (e.g. the perfect secretary), yet there isn't much chummy-chummy chat running through its veins. Its 'get to the point' is not always appreciated except by the boss. To its credit there can be an inherent natural shyness about 'seeking attention', although it isn't withdrawn as such. All fine for private Scorpio but not so for the other more open signs.

With no birth time given, I'd be interested in knowing whether it is accurate to the minute and natal Sun IS in the 12th house. OR, if it's rounded off and could be slightly earlier, whereby Sun takes on an 'outer' Scorpio character.

I think the Sun square Saturn speaks volumes regarding the 3rd house communicative (non) interaction with other people. Aquarius is the sign that is associated with independent de-tachment on a personal level. It can exchange views for hours about anything under the sun, including business dealings, but small talk and 'personal stuff' just doesn't reach its ears. OTOH its 'intellectual capacity' can be difficult for other people to reach, let alone understand. If your work includes contact with the general public for example, you may need to find, and learn to speak in what is called a Jack and Jill language in my country; i.e. simple everyday words. No one is interested in how much YOU know, but how telling you of their issues, can help you understand their problems better.

In discussions of a personal nature, you can simply nod, or 'mmmm', or make non-commited comments. People will soon get the hint.

Yours is not a problem shared alone.

(written whilst you posted).
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