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Re: scared of myself

Your 1st house rules 5 houses of your chart..
(Sun rules 10th, Mars rules 1st & 6th, Mercury rules 8th and 11th)
This is why I think this chart is amazing but tough.
With great powers come great responsabilities.

People think you're smart because you have Mercury in 1st house. This give you an intellectual powerful presence. And it's even more powerful, because in Scorpio, Mercury is able to dig deep.
People know it, because this is how you appears like : it's in 1st house. This can be why they ask you advices, and tell you their secrets : Mercury, ruler of your 8th house (house of other people ressources, their and your secrets), is in your 1st house, and they know you are able to keep secrets because of your strong ASC Scorpio house.

A planet less than five degrees before a cusp is a part of the next house. So, Sun in 1st give charisma and a strong ego. An individualistic nature.. That can attract people to you also, because Sun rules your 10th house. 10th house of public image, reputation. What people see in you first.

Mars in 1st house conjunct ASC make people think you are determined and you know what you want, even if you're not. They see you are passionate, or that you have your own motivations. You just fights for your own interests, not the ones of other people. This make you be a leader. You don't like to follow. You are assertive. And scorpio ascendant nature is to protect himself, even more if Mars conjuncts it.

Venus in 11th house attract strangers, because 11th house is the house of groups, strangers, crowds, internet, big places or building, etc... And Venus is "where and how do you attract people".. But Venus in this house likes too much freedom to engage in a relationship with real duties or obligations. With this placement in 11th house, this is easier to make friends, associate, find supports or have people who see you as someone nice. But that's the paradox : Scorpio doesn't like small talk of the 11th. And Venus doesn't like to be in Virgo. She is in fall.

You're affraid that if people start talking you about their problems, then, they will ask you questions about yourself, your life, etc.. To be alone, in this case, can be an "automatic Scorpio ASC protection". But I rather suggest to just change the topic of discussion. If you wanna talk about work, talk about work. People will understand that you are more motivated about that, and they will respect you because of your placements.
Your only Mars problem could be Saturn square Mars. Because it's in 3rd house this can play as a communication/intellectual issue.

Virgo Moon in 10th house emotional need is material security.
Worst nightmares for a Virgo moon are health issues, to fail at job or not have one, money problem, missing some ressources and things like that.. 10th house moon is good to work with public or be a seller, etc.. Jupiter conjunct your moon, so, it can expand your Virgo Moon anxiety. But it's in 10th house and it's your 2nd house ruler, so I guess you'll be successful in your carreer. This is a very lucky placement.

"I overthink every situation and rethink every word I said for the rest of the day"
Virgo moon here, is caring for 10th house (reputation, status, public image and work)... with Mercury ruler in 1st house, you place all the responsability of this on yourself.
I suggest you to use Virgo things to feel better with it.. do plan in advance, strategies, feed Mercury with intellectual positive content and skills to not let place to too much anxiety or fears, etc.. Virgo problem is that perfection doesn't exist in this world. And there are always some risks, even more when you are your own boss. But your chart is perfect for it.

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