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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Given Yony's response to my posts, I'm inclined to agree with you!

In modern natal astrology combustion is not such an issue, the way it is in traditional western and in horary astrology. Rather, because the sun gives one's identity or sense of self, I would say that the Mercury conjunct sun person identifies (sun) with his intelligence (Mercury.)

Of course, this can be for better or worse.

Yony, I understood perfectly what you said. It was pretty simple. I just truly disagree with it. I think you're badly mistaken, both about astrology and human nature.

You seem to be very uncomfortable with the realm of human emotions. I read what you wrote but still wonder why. Is your moon afflicted? My daughter has a Pisces moon and she is extremely creative and perceptive.

My son's moon is in Scorpio. He played football and rugby in highschool and A-level rugby at his university; when he also worked as a night club bouncer. This is Mars-Pluto for you, not some kind of watery crybaby.

Your disowning your moon will affect your ability to read "watery" charts for people who don't happen to share your horror of our feeling natures.

The threat of being called a "crybaby" really offends you in some profound way. You've mentioned it a lot. The idea of the Mother as a wise and caring authority figure doesn't sit well with you. The idea of Cancer as a nurturing presence doesn't appeal to you. I wonder why.

Did you grow up in a highly patriarchal society or family? It sure looks like it. No need to perpetrate this type of gender-bias in your astrological awareness, however.

You don't mention that water also is the element of spirituality. (Possibly in relation to Jupiter's traditional rulership of Pisces.)

The moon traditionally rules liquids but your "energy drink" analogy has nothing to do with the essential meaning of water in the horoscope.

You might think about ways to productively express your feeling nature-- such as through the arts. People with the moon in Pisces are often good dancers, even with no formal lessons. Pisces rules the feet, and they can just feel the music.

I'd be curious to learn what you think about Stephen Arroyo's book on Astrology, Psychology, and the Four elements. He basically brought the ancient Aristotelian elements to modern psychological astrology in the 1970s. Or what about Dorian Greenbaum's book, Temperament: Astrology's Forgotten Key, which is a traditional astrologers' look at the 4 elements?

Being belligerent doesn't substantiate your points.
My moon is indeed afflicted. It squares my midheaven, conjuncts my ASC, is opposite my ceres, semi-square my uranus, sesqui-quadrate my Pallas, there is only one other aspect it has and its a good one, sextile my neptune.

Your daughter must have a mostly unnafflicted moon, or a completely unafflicted moon then. Same thing with your son.

I grew up in a normal family. I simply have always been very sensitive naturally, and wasn't able to toughen up my emotional strength until my late teen years.

I would argue that water isn't the element of spirituality but fire is, seeing as spritiuality = religion, and religion is formed by freedom of thought, thats what fire is. Air is order of thought (logic). Earth is structure and practicality, water is imagination and impracticality. Earth is organization and tideyness, Water is messiness and abstractness.

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