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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

Originally Posted by Flapjacks View Post
I don't know if waybread has completely abandoned this thread, but I'd like to continue to pick her brains if she is inclined to oblige.

Wouldn't a head injury or other modification of potential ('modification' used loosely...) also be indicated somewhere in the horoscope, and therefore the planetary placement remains a descriptor rather than indicator?

I don't mean to tread this into fatalism territory (otherwise I would have said 'determiner'), just trying to tease apart your view on the limits of interpretation within the context of Yony's question.
I think you could pick up a child's head injury by looking at transits and progressions for a young child. This process would turn a simple natal chart reading into a far more involved process, however, if you looked at transits and progressions over a lifetime, even for a young person.

Also, while you might pick up a "blow to the head" for someone at, say, age 3; in a blind chart reading (vs. a post-hoc reading for a known person) you might have difficulty in saying how it affected the person.

Sometimes the difficulties in a chart reading are not in tracking planetary movements, but are in correctly intuiting how they affected the individual.

Medical astrology is not an exact science. I was just looking at a medical horary on another forum, and the querent indicated a lifetime of trouble with her current condition. Yet the indicators seemed to suggest that it was temporary. Possibly the chart timing was off, which is something else to consider in making highly fatalistic readings of what might be erroneous data.
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