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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Yony, I think you have a lot to learn about human nature. Remember that you're applying simplistic astrological descriptions to millions of real people of all ages, nationalities, genders, and life experiences.

To reduce a Cancer moon to "crybaby emotions" is ridiculous.

These people can be extremely nurturing and caring, in a way that makes other people feel completely looked-after and helped in the Cancer moon people's presence. The moon, among other things, is the sign of the mother, so think of how safe small children feel under the care and protection of a loving mother.

I wonder, from your posts, if you find emotions troublesome and difficult to deal with. You may be trying to disown your own emotional nature. (What Jungian astrologers call "shadow material.") When someone"splits" off unwanted personal attributes, s/he tends to paste them onto other people who seemingly embody the unwanted character traits.

There is certainly nothing "crybaby" about a Scorpio moon. Scorpio is unafraid of the darker sides of existence, and may even feel a compulsion to explore them. Scorpio tests itself against challenges and and barriers. Recall that Scorpio's planetary rulers are Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern.)

A Pisces moon can be highly sensitive because they apprehend other people's emotional nature, even when the other person hasn't articulated how s/he feels. Pisces moons therefore tend to be highly intuitive, if not psychic in some regard.

It takes more than 5 years of study to really learn astrology, including a lot of chart-reading for other people in real time with real issues.
I'm sorry, but it seems that you somehow didn't understand anything I said.

Cancerian energy is the natural energy of the mother figure, this is why applying it to the moon (our way of nurturing, as it is how we feel and thus how we are sensitive to others needs) MUST bring only sensitivity to the moon. I'll say it again, the only reason those people aren't complete crybabys is because they don't just have cancer energy on their moon but other energys on it as well that enhance their emotional strength.

Just the basics of astrology tells you that much. So I'm guessing you are either in denial for whatever reason of the plain and simple facts, or just didn't understand what I said the first time.

Perhaps an analogy is what's needed here. Lets say I am tired after exercise. Then lets say I drink an energy drink and it recovers my energy. This is what is happening with the moon when aspects are added to it.

Moon in cancer has that cancer energy on it, but the POSITIVE aspects are like the energy drink, they add energy and STRENGTHEN the moon.

Sorry, but this is just an extremely simple concept, I honestly don't see how you aren't capable of getting it.

I will admit, I do dislike my own emotional nature, as my moon is actually terribly weak, however I have learned to tame it after years of living with it. However I didn't do what you're suggesting I may have did due to disliking my own emotions, though I do see why it could appear to be why.

Scorpio is just as sensitive, emotional and irrational a moon as pisces is if not even more so, just seeing as scorpio has mars and pluto, so a fire planet and a water planet, yet so does pisces, pisces has both jupiter and neptune, yet you even admit pisces is highly sensitive a sign and brings only sensitivity to the moon, why would it be any different with scorpio, if both scorpio and pisces both have one fire planet and one water planet?

Also, just talking from experience here, I can tell you right now, I have a pisces moon, and the neptunian energy of it has always made me so incredibly sensitive to the point where it's not even funny, I have always struggled in conversations and almost my entire life haven't had the ability to control my emotions well enough to hold a decent conversation with anyone other than my closest acquaintances. Only after years of having it am I now able to control it well enough to talk to strangers.

So you can only imagine how annoying and frustrating it is to hear anyone tell me that water on the moon doesnt only bring sensitivity. It's as frustrating as a poor person being told "being poor can't be tough" when it clearly is incredibly tough.

To make matters worse, I'm a BOY, AND I am and always have been straight, so being so naturally emotionally weak growing up was, as you can imagine, hell.

Lol obviously you pulled that out of your ***, there is nothing to say that it takes more than 5 years to 100% master astrology, everyone is different and has different paces at doing certain things, and has different situations. Stop.
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