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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

I don't take a deterministic, fatalistic view of astrology-- a concept that I find logically untenable.

Each planet, sign, and house has multiple interpretations and rulerships that are nevertheless consistent with the planets' &c core meanings. The key is to adopt empowering meanings vs. disempowering meanings.

For example, strong feelings are not necessarily a sign of weakness or irrationality. (Oh, except in some antiquated machismo playbook.) You've been in love once or twice, haven't you?

If I look at your horoscope, for example, the moon symbolizes your emotional nature, but it also says something about your home, as well as your experience of your mother and of mature women generally. It also says something about the house with Cancer on the cusp. If you are a gardener, you might plant and harvest by moon signs. In horary astrology, you'd see the moon as the major source of action-- or inaction-- in the chart. In medical astrology, the moon rules the stomach, pancreas, and female breasts and reproductive organs.

I could go on in this fashion, but hopefully I've given the main ideas.
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