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Re: Has Astrology Lost You Friends?

Originally Posted by Sagcap88 View Post
This seems like a ridiculous question but has your interest in astrology caused people to think you’re meddling with “dark stuff”?

Yes, it has caused issues, but, I will not change me for them.....if they are my friend, they would not ask me to be what I am not......

Someone I considered a friend found religion and cut me out of their life because I’m into astrology — they said I was Satanic. I’m pretty shocked by this. It’s hurtful. And ignorant.

It is unfortunate for you that someone you considered a friend, said this to you. It is their ignorance not yours. At this time, I would let your friend do what they need to do. People change, and so do friends.

I’m trying to consider the source: he has paranoid delusions and takes the Bible out of context. All he’s done since finding religion is quote scripture to judge everyone. I’m just shaking my head.

Not all religions are tolerant of other religions, or belief systems or so called occult sciences. If your friend is pushing his choice of ideals on you and others, it is his detriment and his of judgement of others. Remember the fun you had with your friend, and in time he may or may not become a friend again.

I could say something to him but confronting would only make him more belligerent.

There is no need for a confrontation. You have both made adult choices, now you both can grow in your separate ways.

Ya win some, ya lose some.

Yup! and if you lose some, it isn't always a bad thing.......
Enjoy the friends that you have......

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