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Re: Does Neptune be in the 8th house to show that the partner will easily abuse them?

Vulnerability to partner abuse has nothing to do with which house Neptune is in. I'd look at Pluto for that, not Neptune, but even then, house placement isn't so relevant, unless it's in the seventh house. If Pluto is in the seventh or on the DC, the native has to deal with power in relationships, probably to the extreme. They might tend to give their power away to a partner, or to take power over a partner. They might be strongly attracted to people who radiate power--or powerlessness. Because Pluto is such extreme power, that could be a setup for abusive relationships. The native might be the abused, or might be the abuser. However, they also have the option of developing a healthier relationship to power. In that case, there might still be a significant power dynamic in their relationships, but not an abusive one.

If Pluto is not in the seventh house, its placement doesn't give it such a strong say over the relationship arena, but its aspects might. If Pluto aspects Venus or the seventh house ruler, especially by conjunction, square, or opposition, and especially if it's a tight aspect, we may be seeing a similar pattern to Pluto on the DC.

If Neptune is in that position--either in the seventh house/DC, or in strong aspect to Venus or the DC ruler--it doesn't speak to any particular tendency to abusive relationships, but the native might tend to idealize their partner(s), more so than average. If they do get into an abusive relationship, their reasons for either tolerating abuse or dishing it out (again, they might just as easily be the victim or the victimizer) would likely have to do with that Neptunian tendency.

If they have an abusive partner, they idealize their partner and live for the honeymoon periods between rounds of abuse. Chances are they'll ignore the red flags early in the relationship, and be extremely reluctant to leave later on in it. If they're the abuser, they're likely motivated by a desire to make their partner conform to their idealized vision of him/her.

It sounds like you're talking about a specific person's chart. There are only two time windows when they could have been born, for all the sign placements you describe to exist in their chart: April/May of 1999, or January/February of 2001. If it's the first, they could have a tight t-square involving those three planets. If it's the second, the orbs wouldn't fit. By 2001, Saturn was in late Taurus but Neptune still in early Aquarius. Either way, we're talking about a young person. Unless they're currently in an abusive relationship, it doesn't make sense to worry about that. Birth charts show potential, but not every potential manifests. But if they are in an abusive relationship, the chart would show what's driving them to be in it.

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