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Originally Posted by UnluckyGirl View Post
I don't even know where to start from.

Venus, 5th and 7th H are the most important when it comes to what we find attractive.

The OP was talking about natal charts indicating high sex appeal/beautiful appearance. A person with Neptune and/or Pluto in hard aspect to his natal planets is going to have thise aspects repeated with the people in his generation.
I can't think of how many times I've seen people who are not above than average yet they are so charming (I'm talking about the majority of people).

Then ASC and its aspects, indicate physical appearance
Moon shows someone's eyes
Venus and ASC (and their aspects and placements) indicate one's style.

I wish astrology was as simple as that. But people are complicated same is astrology
I have sun Square Pluto Mercury Square Pluto Venus Square Pluto ascendant Square Pluto Pluto conjunction midheaven and all the above 3 are in wide angle. Plus Lilith in 10th house. Pisces ascendant and I only most of the times I attract older women.
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