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Re: Being hit on by Married Men

I have this, unfortunately. Not only by married men but also by men who are taken, so in a relationship. I have Venus square Uranus. I really do not do anything to encourage them and couple of times I went straight to their wives or contacted them. That didn‘t went well for me though, they defended their husbands and accused me.

I think it has to do something with karma because my own father is a womanizer and he has hurt many women, my mother the most. Or it’s genetics But I don‘t know to solve it or what to do. I do have problem with faithfullnes but not with my own. Men to whom I commit are unfaithful to me and in exchange I am being courted by unfaithful men 😁

Uranus is very prominet in my chart: conjuncts Asc, is in opposition to my Moon, squares Venus (the ruler of my 7th and 12th), trines Mars (chart ruler) - Jupiter conjunction (8th house) and sextiles the Sun- Mercury conjunction. So maybe Uranus is the clue.

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