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Originally Posted by ChildOfVenus View Post
What indicates this in a natal chart? I always get hit on by married men. My first kiss when I was a teenager was from a married man. Someone told me it's because I have Venus square Neptune.
First of all, Iím sorry that a grown married man was your first kiss. Unfortunately, in these situations, men are only drawn to your youth.

Hmmm, good question. I donít specifically know but Iíll share a few theories that came to mind:

A) This could be a 4th house/Saturn thing. Maybe at some point in your childhood you didnít receive enough attention due to a parentís infidelity and therefore, reenact this in an attempt to feel what they felt by acting it out in some way or another. Maybe thereís a feeling of gratification in messing with someone elseís marriage because someone hurt you by messing with your parentsí marriage. Maybe not. Just a theory.

B) Whereís Black Moon Llth and Llth in your chart? Women with this conjunction their AC or DC or Venus, etc can attract married men. Some even enjoy home wrecking. Many are highly seductive.

C) Pisces DC or prominent Pisces/Neptune/12th house. I have a Pisces DC. Iíve been an empathic sucker for narcissistic energy vampires in the past.

I think C fits best, given your Venus square Neptune. The struggle is real. I think when we have those Neptune or Pisces placements, we have to work to protect ourselves. Jewel Mayberry has some videos about the astrology of an empath ó great stuff. There are also tons of good articles for empaths to learn how to protect themselves from attracting vampires.
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