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Re: Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu is inimical to the ascendant and it is also placed in an inimical sign. Ketu in the chart is not inclined to cause favourable results.
You are in the sub-period of Saturn which is combust and inimical to Ketu. Though it is the owner of the ascendant it will not be able to do much good to you. This sub-period has started from October/2018 and will continue till 10/Nov/2019.
The last sub-period will be that of Mercury. You will notice that Mercury has exchanged signs with Mars and is the owner of the eighth house besides the sixth. This is not good. The good is indicated by the fact that Mercury is associated with the owner of the ninth house and it occupies an angle. You may expect some relief in this sub-period.
The Ketu major-period ends in Nov/2020.
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