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Ketu Mahadasha

My name is Hemant Kumar.

M undergoing Ketu Mahadasha, and past 3-4 years life is like hell . Now undergoing Ke-Saturn period. I have no work and I m just empty minded, and I am not finding any direction to as what to do next in life especially in CAREER/BUSINESS front. I am loaded with debts and loans..(made losses in Ke-Ju Period where Ju is in my 12th house Debilitated and also lord of 2nd house)

I m working with my father in his family business of vehicle finance ( We give loans on vehicles). but there is no work from past 2years.
Could you please guide me further. When can i start getting some clarity in my mind and start new work. I am totally blank and helpless

I am not able to act or do anything.. totally blank and directionless.

Please guide me whats lying ahead in my life, as there are 2more years of Ketu Dasha and I am very scared now.

Hemant Kumar
Aquarius Lagna/Kark Rashi.
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Ju--12th house in Capricorn


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