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Re: Chart interpretation and professional orientation


Astrology and related crafts/sciences can be deterministic if properly used.

You will feel throughout life an ongoing slowness of sorts, due to a lot of hopes/desires while portions/clusters in life will have speed and energy; that's your karma of being Rahu atmakaraka in Aquarius.

The close degree clusters in the 12th. house reveals
My guess is that family bonding is one of your souls major desire, besides concentrating on work related areas as you age increasing.

Last quarter 2015 onwards being more relaxed for your mind.

Also post June 2018 felt somewhat restricted or demanding; while post Aug 2018 onwards have given some understanding of what you want to pursue now.

after 7 March 2019 may have gotten more impatient as Rahu enters your 10th. house.

If the above points are correct,it signifies possibilities of newer openings from May 2019 onward;which you will pursue from around Aug 2019.


Originally Posted by tamino View Post
Hello RishiRahu,

Thank you for your message.
I understand that Rahu (north node) is in Aquarius in my chart. But isn't it the case for all the people borned on this specific lapse ? Or is the atmakaraka specificty that distinguish this temporary generic aspects to my chart ?


What mentioned is due to Rahu atmakarak in Aquarius + Rahu in 6th house + aspect of Jupiter and Saturn to Rahu (north node).

Unfortunately my analysis is mentioned in short always; but not the results.

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