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Re: Chart interpretation and professional orientation

Originally Posted by tamino View Post
Thank you Jupiterasc,

To be honest I pretty feel myself of a mix of Leo & Virgo.
But indeed, I guess the ancestral methodology of chart interpretration may have changed a lot over the centuries.

The 20+ methods are in my opinion, just from a logical glance, a perversion from the initial science, that should have remained unique....Simplification may have occured at the expense of a disconnexion from the foundations of astrology and what it aimes at demonstrate, far away from material and cultural contingencies

Particular time stamp as base of calculation of one civilization or deliberate desire to blur the truth, whatever the reason, the translation of a metaphysical reality by humans is always laborious.

Regarding the 12th House, interepretation and pessimistic attributes, are pretty scarying from a litteral attempt of understanding. However I guess those are rather symbols to consider in a whole dynamic where you have a part of active & passive, past and future.

Rahu that took the time to read my chart told me that the part of my past was pretty heavy and determinant. I thus consider my planets in this 12th houses as an effect of it which I decided to consider as an invitation of medidation & and momentary retreat in myself to better impulse in the outside.

Anyway that was pretty interesting to share with you !
Take care,

keep in mind that the HOUSE LOCATION
of the RULER
of ANY house
is a vital part of the delineation for reliable delineation
a natal chart is viewed as a whole
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