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Re: Chart interpretation and professional orientation

Originally Posted by tamino View Post
Good afternoon everyone,

I'm currently in a period of questionning regarding the path of my professional life.
Maybe a short introduction of me :
Man 29 - born in Paris the 3rd of August 1989 at 10:20 local time
I've been working in a pretty big company with a kind of legitimity and projections, as a project manager and sales for the last 3 years.
My situation is comfortable but I feel like wasting my time...
I feel like this situation doesn't accomplish me but at the same time I don't really have any concrete project where to dive in.
This frustrating feelings may come at its ends as I feel the need to take risks and explore the unknown...But where, how, what are as much interrogations that I need to delimit befor moving on...
It's been few weeks now that i got pretty closed of Astrology as a key of readings in the ways things may arise from one existence, even though I consider it more as a frame of possibility where each of us need to impulse itself.
Considering my chart I was wondering what you guys would consider as a credible option ? Taking the risks of diving in the unknown ? Keeping in this lukewarm situation where I don't feel stimulated ?
I just would love to have your vision on what the frame of possiblities may be in your opinion ?
Thanks in advance to any of you that would take a glance at my chart report :

Thank you
Originally Posted by tamino View Post
Hi Waybread,
Thanks for your answer.

I orchestrate the design of specific digital solution and manage the sales process within the client.
I actually have a quite normal pace but even with more challenge I couldn’t get rid of the feeling to make somthing pretty useless...
I’ll investigate on this 12th houses

that seems pretry important on my chart.
Thanks again
Beginners are frequently unaware

that there are at least twenty or thirty different house systems
or means of dividing the so-called "birthchart"
into twelve segments of life activity.
In astrology, houses, mansions, or domains
represent general areas of life activity
and are the grounding areas or arenas of expression for planets.
Originally, the words "houses" and "signs" were interchangeable.
A planet in the SIGN of Aries
was also a planet in the HOUSE of Aries
so that in effect houses as we know them today did not exist

PLACIDUS is merely the default on most online calculation sites
Astroseek has an option to create any natal chart using WHOLE SIGN HOUSES
comparing your natal chart using WHOLE SIGN HOUSES
with your natal chart using PLACIDUS default option

the house location of a natal planet may change
dependent on choice of house system


Artificial divisions now known as houses
were attempts by early Greeks and Hindus
to measure strength "points" in the horoscope
which during 7th and 8th centuries AD were construed
or confused
as means of dividing the birth chart.
The ascendant and midheaven degrees
and their opposites were definite power points
or areas of intense focus
but not necessarily the beginnings of a house or quadrant

The Whole Sign House system was used by the ancient Greeks

and the Hindus (who still use it today).
It is the oldest and simplest house system in existence
and immediately eliminates the awful mess astrologers have made
on the issue over the last 1300 years or so
some previous discussion of the topic at


by the way
significations of 12th house are as follows:
Main Rulerships
12th house represents matters that are hidden, restrained, secret,
incapable of action or of being fully understood.
Traditionally, it is a wholly unfortunate house

associated with sad events, sorrow, anguish of mind, tribulation, captivity,
imprisonment, persecution, hard labour, all manner of affliction and self-undoing.
It represents places that are denied access to public view
particularly those concerned with seclusion or isolation
or where one is restricted from living a carefree life-style
such as institutions or prisons.
Many sources attribute monasteries to the 12th house as places of isolation
but otherwise monks and nuns belong to the 9th house
which represents religious concerns.
12th house has rulership over scandals generally, personal fears
and skeletons in the family closet.
12th house significations include secret, unknown enemies
such men as maliciously undermine their neighbours
or inform secretly against them:
traitors, spies
weakness, infirmity and bondage.
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