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Chart interpretation and professional orientation

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm currently in a period of questionning regarding the path of my professional life.

Maybe a short introduction of me :

Man 29 - born in Paris the 3rd of August 1989 at 10:20 local time

I've been working in a pretty big company with a kind of legitimity and projections, as a project manager and sales for the last 3 years.

My situation is comfortable but I feel like wasting my time...
I feel like this situation doesn't accomplish me but at the same time I don't really have any concrete project where to dive in.

This frustrating feelings may come at its ends as I feel the need to take risks and explore the unknown...But where, how, what are as much interrogations that I need to delimit befor moving on...

It's been few weeks now that i got pretty closed of Astrology as a key of readings in the ways things may arise from one existence, even though I consider it more as a frame of possibility where each of us need to impulse itself.

Considering my chart I was wondering what you guys would consider as a credible option ? Taking the risks of diving in the unknown ? Keeping in this lukewarm situation where I don't feel stimulated ?

I just would love to have your vision on what the frame of possiblities may be in your opinion ?

Thanks in advance to any of you that would take a glance at my chart report :

Thank you
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