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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by UnluckyGirl View Post
I don't see where we actually disagree about AsC and Venus?

As for Moon what makes me say it is the high rate of guessing right Moon signs nust based on people's eyes and the vibe they give me when I see them upclose or on TV, pics aren't always as successfull. The few times I've been wrong it's when the Moon has many "flavors" so I sense them all and can't decide which one of them is its sign since aspects override signs.

I have a bit a few than 150 charts of people I've known through the years (including relatives and friends). That'w because of my mom's and aunt's jobs.

I don't have an idea hownmany are the other ones as the first few years I would go into chat sites and guess someone's Mercury by the way he communicated, his Venus (by his tastes in music style etc), and if there was a pic his ASC and Moon.
I've asked each ones birth details. Most of coyrse didn't know their time of birth but a lot did.

Also these forums are a huge help for understanding some facts by looking someone's chart
ASC represents how we appear to others, as it determines our body. Venus is representative of our overall style. Style isnt the same as our body.

Style is our choice of clothes, our artistic ability. Our body is our physical body.

I can't stress enough that ASC is the only planet that determines anything about our body.
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