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Re: How do Yod's effect a relationship? And Question on Neptune Aspects.

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Pluto in a hard aspect to the moon is all about control (Pluto) on an emotional level (moon.) It can be about an obsession. Since these are in fixed signs, there would be some fixity to this situation. If you don't want him in your life, see what else you can do to make yourself scarce.

Hi Waybread ,
Thank you . When you mean fixed does it mean this isn't a easy situation to close? Or that it wouldn't change from being a bad deal since the beginning.

I think the problem with it is that it's not a sexual thing that was binding me to this guy. It was the emotional bond I felt with having that moon and pluto. I am not even sure exactly why I felt that bond, I can't explain. However, he lied from the get go and everytime I'd go crazy and curse him out of my life. He will find away to come around. But I am not sure even why. We are not compatible in anything. And he has more money than I . (So can't be money reasons). And he has women throwing himself that probably more compatible in other things than me.

Do Yod's only important in Composite? How about Synastry? or Davison? There is a Yod , but some astrologers do not believe that a Yod can form with Chiron nor AC ( apex) with two sextile planets . Is that of any value?

Pluto Aspects
In Composite :Pluto Squares Moon , trines Venus &Mercury
In Synastry: His Pluto sextiles my Moon, and my Moon Trines his Pluto.
In Davison :Pluto Q Moon, Trines Venus and Mars. And I thought Saturn Trine Moon could also be intense in Davison.

Thank for your feedback . And sorry for my beginners knowledge on all this.
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